The best white noise playlists

If you have trouble sleeping, concentrating, or resting, but noise pollution is making it even harder to fix the problem, have we got the solution for you!  White noise is here to save the day by helping you to relax and fall asleep.

The below Spotify playlists contain the best white noise tracks around.


Relaxing White Noise

Relaxing White Noise is one of the online providers of white noise.  It all started in 2012 with a Youtube channel, and now they have one of the most famous podcasts designed to help people fall asleep on Spotify.  The podcast’s description reads “We make relaxing sounds to improve your life and are excited to share them with you. Join the hundred million people who have already enjoyed our white noise soundscapes which include rain sounds, ocean waves, white noise for babies, fan sounds, spaceships, Tibetan bowls, waterfalls and rain with thunder”.


Ruido blanco para concentrarse

“Improve your concentration by listening to white noise: a sound signal that contains all frequencies at the same volume level”.  So reads the introduction for the playlist Ruido blanco para estudiar (“White noise to help you concentrate”).  Not only can white noise help you fall sleep, it can also improve your concentration.



The streaming platform itself also has its own official white noise podcasts.  Ruido blanco para dormir (“White noise to help you sleep”) contains over seven hours of sound and has 11,000 likes.  Ruido blanco para bébés (“White noise for babies”) provides eight hours of soothing sounds to help little ones fall asleep and has accumulated over 29,000 likes.  There’s even more available internationally.  The White Noise playlist consists of over ten hours of white noise tracks and has more than 65,000 likes.


What do you think of these white noise playlists?  If they’ve helped you in some way, make sure you catch our in-depth article where you’ll learn all about other colours of sound and their benefits.