The millennial generation has become one of the most studied generations in the history of sociology.  And it’s no wonder, because their way of life, coinciding with the explosion of the internet and the digital transformation, has changed how we understand spaces, work, and interior design trends.

  1. Millennials don’t leave the house: thanks to streaming services and e-commerce which delivers everything to their door, from groceries to food to clothes and almost any other type of product. That’s why the way they experience their homes, which are becoming less permanent, affects sectors like those of furniture and interior design.
  2. Remote work: Millennials demand versatile spaces, requiring an oasis where they can disconnect as well as a comfortable place in which they can do their work. That’s why the rise in the demand for loungewear stands out, which is closely related to the change in work dress codeModern offices are also adapting to this more open approach with their furniture.
  3. Experiences, not things: it’s thanks to a mix of Marie Kondo and that apparent nomadism, but what’s for sure is that on-demand services and the shared economy mean young people don’t give owning things much importance. However, they do value experiences, and spend their money on this type of consumption.
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