Four must-see events at Madrid Design Festival 2024

Madrid Design Festival is an event that the team at Connections by Finsa never misses. We have been discussing this event since it first appeared seven years ago, so this 2024 edition was bound to be included… Here is our selection of four must-see events at MDF24, which opens next February 8th:


A Karensaui to awaken the senses

At Fiesta Design, starting on the 14th, you will see the full sensory potential of wood as a true trompe-l’oeil that deceives the eye and can be sand or stone within a Karensaui, a Japanese dry garden.

We highlight that the students from the University of Technology and Design present this proposal using Fibrapan Bio, a novel product for its environmental benefits (made with biologically sourced adhesives, obtained from the tree’s own bark) and for its decorative application.


The need to co-create at Madrid DesignPRO

Mark this talk in your professional program agenda: February 16th at 11 am. New workspaces. Creation, development, and outcome. Perspective of a common path in a joint project between design and industry will provide the perspective of a common path in a joint project through different alliances between the world of design and business, and how these are necessary for the sector’s progress.


Sitting down to create

Chairs could be sources of support, rest, status symbols, or canvases… all depending on the hands that shape them. Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa will host one of the essential exhibitions of Madrid Design Festival 2024. Chairs: icons of modern design. Alexander Von Vegesack collection is a display of 70 pieces and more than 80 catalogs, books, and other publications where you will find figures such as Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, or Philippe Stark.

Chairs: icons of modern design. Alexander Von Vegesack collection. Madrid Design Festival 2024


A tribute to Spanish design

Miguel Milá: (pre)industrial designer highlights this pioneer in Spain and winner of accolades such as the National Design Award in its first edition or the Medal of Merit in Fine Arts. You will see more than 200 pieces, plans, and original drawings that make up a retrospective of seven decades of profession.

Elegance, simplicity, and pragmatism mark the imprint of works that follow his maxim: “design that is not useful tires, and, moreover, ends up being ugly”. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the career of the most lauded designer in the history of Spanish industrial design.

Miguel Milá: (pre)industrial designer. Madrid Design Festival 2024