Lazy tech: cleaning gadgets that will make your life easier

Progress in the field of artificial intelligence has simplified some of the more complex problems facing human beings.  But it has also helped us with even simpler things, like make our lives easier at home.  Over time, technology companies have come up with devices that automate chores like vacuuming, cleaning windows, and changing the garbage bag.  There are new things popping up every year in this field, and they are often shown at the Consumer Electronics Show which is held in Las Vegas in January.

For this article, we’ve put together a list of essential lazy tech items to help you clean your home and make the most of your free time.


The design of robot vacuums is improving

Robot vacuums have had a lot of features added to them since their beginnings. This gadget was made popular by iRobot thanks to their Roomba model that can now roll over the edges of rugs, get into the hardest-to-reach corners of the house, detect the dirtiest areas in your home thanks to cameras, and even mop the floorrs.  You don’t even have to be at home to see how it works.  You can control it using an app.  But now, technological developments have come together with design improvements.  Another step forward for complete integration in the home.


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Clean your windows without lifting a finger

These devices evolved alongside robot vacuums and they are about to do away with one of the most hated household chores.  It’s so unpleasant that most of us have opted to just not clean the windows at all.  The best devices are those that leave our windows clean and shiny without even having us lift a finger. You can control them using your mobile phone and they come in different sizes to suit different types of windows.


Forget about the foul smells coming from your garbage

In the last few months, a project that looks to put an end to one of the messiest chores – opening, closing, and replacing garbage bags – has entered the production phase.  This intelligent bin does all of this for you, and it even makes sure that those bad smells reach the rest of the house.



Clean air in the heart of the city

When it comes to improving the air quality in your home, nothing beats an air purifier.  These devices have become popular since the COVID-19 crisis began because they can filter up to 90% of the particles found in the air that we breathe.


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