Is our home the most important space in our lives?  Swedish furniture and decoration multinational IKEA has been publishing their Life at home report for five years.  through a study of IKEA’s sales, the report demystifies the way that we think about our living spaces.  Here, we’re highlighting five conclusions made in their latest published report:

  1. One in three people say there are places where they feel more at home than the space that they live in
  2. Our five emotional needs are: privacy, security, comfort, ownership, and belonging
  3. 44% of the people that feel relaxed and happy in their homes also believe that their community is an extension of their home
  4. 47% of us look for experiences outside the home that will help us grow as a person
  5. Changes to home habits: 1 in 4 of us work from home. More than 1/3 bathe outside of the home the majority of the time, and almost 1/4 of those who live with strangers use AirBnB to make money from their home.