Three workplace projects by 967arch

“For me, the workplace represents the point of balance between creativity and productivity, which in turn is the synthesis of design”. This is how Cesare Chichi, architect and co-founder of 967arch, defines his passion for the development of workspaces. Here are three works of this firm that promote efficiency, inspiration and the well-being of its workers, three pillars that are the hallmark of the Italian studio that has been in business for twenty years.


New research building | Petronas

The international oil company needed to expand and group its research activities in a new 17,000-square-meter building. The structure is composed of two interconnected areas, one with predominantly office activities and the other for the industrial business.

The surrounding landscape is characterized by a pattern of cultivated fields visible from the sky. The project seeks to replicate this natural pattern in an innovative way.

The façade wraps the building like a colorful sheet and follows the axis of the drawings of the fields, giving shape to the whole. The aim of the project is to create a very low impact architectural proposal, in harmony with the environment.


Industrial redesign for WPP

The 35 global advertising and public relations agencies WPP and its nearly 2,000 employees are located in this existing complex of industrial and commercial buildings.

It occupies the historic site of a well-known ceramics manufacturer, Società Ceramica Richard Ginori. Between 1996 and 1998 the buildings to the northeast of the complex were renovated, while the rest were developed between 2002 and 2005.

The local area is characterized by collections of light industrial units of similar size.


Sculptural table Teatro Magico for Saba

Teatro Magico is Saba’s first table. The bases can be joined or separated and accentuate the compositional freedom of a sculptural furniture that becomes the silent protagonist of the environment.

The monochromatic finishes emanate energy through the reflections of the sinuous curves, generating shadows that vary with the light. The table top, with its clean and essentialist lines, is available in different shapes and sizes, round and oval, to accompany different stories of conviviality.

The table unites, brings together, gathers. It is both a meeting and a starting point. The softness of the fabric, reinterpreted at the base of the table, alludes to the very essence of the company, which has always known how to narrate the textile component through color combinations that generate a recognizable and refined atmosphere.

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