Four luxury mini-homes

The way we inhabit and relate to our environment has changed radically after the pandemic. The confinement restrictions, which prohibited us from leaving our homes, have made us value outdoor spaces much more since then. This, coupled with the rise of remote work, has sparked a growing interest in moving out of the cities. We have sought new lodging options that allow us to enjoy nature while maintaining the comforts our homes provided, optimizing the available space to the fullest.

In this post, we will show you four luxury mini-homes, residences where the surrounding environment matters, but also where space is well utilized.


The luxury mini-home that can be assembled in less than an hour

Vika One, by Vika Living. Less than 14 m² in size, this dwelling, without a foundation or electrical grid connection, is one of the most brilliant examples of optimization. Starting at a price of 42,000 euros, it can be upgraded with an additional 15,000 euros for increased energy efficiency, even achieving self-sufficiency. There is also the option to pay an extra 1,100 euros, which includes a package with everything needed to move in, such as bedding, dishes, or decor. Vika One can be assembled in just about an hour.


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A mini-home open to the landscape

LumiPod is a prefabricated housing module, created by the French company LUMICENE. A large glass facade opens up to the landscape, allowing total integration with the environment in which it is located.

The living space is just 17 square meters and is designed for short stays. It features a bedroom with a wardrobe and a bathroom with a shower. On the outside, it is wrapped in a fire-hardened thermally treated wood structure, following the Shou Sugi ban tradition, a traditional Japanese 18th-century method where wood was burned to prevent its degradation.


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Smart mini-homes

The Spanish brand Formas y Líneas has created a selection of three prefabricated mobile mini-homes. The Keu Pocket is only 19 square meters, priced at 49,900 euros. It is technologically equipped (with a wifi lock and a home automation system) and boasts good insulation, in addition to 100% recyclable materials. Its smart glass, which allows light to pass through or becomes opaque depending on its intended use, is also noteworthy.


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100% recyclable mini-home

The traditional tent inspired Bjarke Ingles’ architectural studio in the design of this mini-home, also made with 100% recyclable materials. Located in the mountains of upstate New York and minimalist in style, it is built with solid pine, glass modules, natural cork walls, and fir wood floors. All the furniture follows the Nordic design aesthetic and it also features a fireplace to mitigate the cold outdoor temperatures.