The hallmark of MUT Design

This Friday we’ll be bringing you a new instalment in our ‘Connection with…” series when we look at the design world through the eyes of MUT Design.  This design studio based in Valencia is hot right now, having just designed the Das Haus at the latest IMM Cologne.  Today we’re taking a look at some of their product design projects for big names like Expormim, Sancal, Preciosa Lighting, Missana, Ex.t, and Harmony Inspire. Chairs, tables, lamps, and rugs, all with one thing in common: the combination of functionality and imagination.


Náutica for Expormim, Red Dot Award 2014

We must start with this hanging rattan chair, first presented at the Milan Salone in 2012.  It became an iconic piece for both MUT Design and Expormim.


Beetle for Sancal

 These acoustic panels could be considered one of the best examples of the MUT Design style: a functional but fun design with lots of different possible combinations that encourage us to use our imagination.



Twins Collection para Expormim, Red Dot Award 2017

 Two chairs that share the same DNA but have different personalities, just like twins.  The family has since grown, and now includes a sofa and a deck chair.


Chromo for Preciosa Lighting

 This blown-glass lamp draws on the healing power of chromotherapy.  The shapes can be combined in different ways depending on the colour and light needs of the user.


Ply for Gan Rugs

In MUT’s Das Haus, we could see some rugs from their Ply collection.  The geometric pattern is based on the repetition of lines in organic shapes and results in some fascinating visual effects.


Arco para Ex.t

This collection of oval and circular pieces was designed to act as bathroom console with an integrated mirror that hides a set of shelves.  You can turn it into a vanity by covering the sink.


X-Stool for Bolia

 The beauty of this multifunctional design, which can act as both a stool or a side stable, is in its simplicity: two pieces of wood joined by a metal piece is all it needs.


Block Sofas for Missana

 This collection, made up of an armchair and a three-seater sofa, was inspired by construction toys and allows for an infinite number of combinations.  The symmetry of the structure contrasts with how comfortable the seats are.


Bow for Harmony Inspire

Of all the designs MUT has created for this cutting-edge wall and floor tile company, our favourite is Bow, which was inspired by traditional Mediterranean roof tiles


Duplex for Sancal

 Inspired by the architecture of Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Weber, this is a modular collection of side tables of different heights that can be superimposed on each other.


Loop for LZF

 Curves are always present in MUT’s designs and one of the best examples is of this is the Loop lamp, in which the light is framed by two concentric circles made of flexible timber.


Float for Miras Editions

MUT Design turns the kitchen into a work of art made of timber, copper, and marble, with the furniture and fittings acting as sculptural pieces that are still highly functional.