Digital materials libraries

2020 has been defined by the coronavirus crisis.  Restaurants, museums, schools, and other shared spaces had to close their doors, and everyone began to work online even more than they already were. Materials libraries were no exception, sharing their databases online and on social media.  We’ve made a list of a few of the major materials libraries and their social media accounts below.



Colab is the first materials library in the Middle East.  During lockdown, they launched their SHARE campaign to encourage communication in the digital space.  They organise free weekly seminars and inspiring lectures for university students on their website.  Their Instagram highlights a new material every week, with a special focus on those made using 3D printing.


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Material Connexion

Material Connexion has offices in several cities, but it also has one of the most highly regarded online databases.  They introduce a new material every day on their Instagram account with a brief description of the product and its innovative features.  They also include the corresponding code for the material from their database so that interested users can find out more about it.


Conc Seoul

Conc Seoul is a materials library located in South Korea that collaborates with companies like Samsung, Dr.Jart+, and Clio.  Their Instagram account has a huge range of followers and acts as a showroom.  Their database has many useful features, including material profiles, the ability to see how materials can be combined, and inspiration boards that you can create and save.


Material District

Material District is a global leader in the field of innovative materials, and their online database is open to everyone.  Their Pinterest page includes a wide variety of the latest trends in materials used in architecture, design, fashion, furniture, and more.  It also features different types of ceramics, fabrics, glass, paper, and natural stones, as well as many other materials.