COVID-19 has changed our lives, the way we behave, and how we interact.  And of course, these changes have affected the design world.  Architects and designers are more active right now than ever right now, creating new spaces and products that make our day-to-day lives easier by combining safety, comfort, and creativity.  Here are some examples of the most practical ideas for keeping the coronavirus away.


Luxury hygiene

Hand sanitizer has become a part of our lives, turning into our trusty ally in the fight against the virus.  So why not draw a bit more attention to it?  Sally Reynolds has done just that with Step One, a dispenser with a copper tap and pedal, and an outer casing made from recycled plastic, giving it the appearance of a colourful terrazzo tile.  Aesthetics, sustainability, and hygiene all in one luxury design.

And speaking of hygiene, be careful with your mobile phone! Leave it in this piece designed by Conrad Haddaway, Twomuch Studio, and Inga Ziemele.  You can enjoy your meal while this device sterilises your phone.


What should I do with my mask?

The mask has become the latest must-have accessory.  But where should we keep it when we are at home to make sure we don’t contaminate anything else? Boca a boca is an idea from Muka Design Lab: a vase that acts as a mask holder which is both useful and decorative.


Healthy lights

Light and health go hand in hand.  Lamps have become a shield that protect us from COVID-19.  Without taking anything away from design, Artemide has come up with Integralis.   It’s the latest in lighting technology and removes the virus from interior spaces.  The level of disinfection also adapts to the type of environment and how often people are in the space.


Cutlery for the pandemic

Feel like eating out?  Take your own cutlery!  The ones below are free of germs, easy to carry, and made from sustainable materials – no plastic involved.  Musician Pharrell Williams and Pentatonic studio have come up with The Pebble – a set of cutlery made from recycled CDs – so that you can take the music with you wherever you go.