5 stores offering an innovative shopping experience

Is it possible to combine the best of online shopping with the best of in-store shopping? Here are five examples of innovative brands that are doing just that.


Amazon Fresh: automation to the max

Amazon’s ‘smart’ supermarket offers a completely technological and automated shopping experience. Voice-activated assistant Alexa acts as a guide for customers, doing things like reading online reviews written by other users. The shopping cart, called the Amazon Dash Cart, automatically scans and detects products and includes a touchscreen that acts as a checkout.


Decathlon Scan & Go: in the palm of your hand

The French sporting goods chain has created an app that allows them to adapt their stores to the necessary coronavirus prevention measures and lets customers have more autonomy. Decathlon Scan & Go allows users to scan products and pay for them using their mobile phone, making it possible to avoid contact with store staff as well as waiting in line at the register.


Rebeca Minkoff: digitalisation and suggestions

The clothing and accessories brand has developed software to be used in their stores – digital fitting rooms. Customers can order a drink, ask for another size or to be brought another item.  There’s also a digital mirror that offers personalised suggestions for creating outfits.  The shopping experience improves even more if customers return to the store, because the system can accumulate more data about them.


Lego: augmented reality

The toy company has improved the shopping experience for their clients by using augmented reality.  They created Lego Digital Box, an in-store AR device that customers can use to scan a product and see what it will look like in 3D once it’s put together, and it includes animation.


Lush: upholding their values

This brand of sustainable and organic cosmetics makes its values clear in their in-store shopping experience. There are friendly specialists in every store that offer product testing and demonstrations.  They also organise activities related to the brand’s values.