In twenty years, websites will no longer exist: 5 predictions about the internet

In twenty years, websites will no longer exist.  At least, not as we know them.  How will artificial intelligence change the websites we use today?  Should we prepare for a completely different kind of digital interaction?  To help answer this question, the team here at Connections by Finsa has compiled a list of five predictions about the digital future:


“I want to know the latest sustainability regulations in my area and how I should apply them to a single-family home project.”

Search engines will become interfaces that will offer us the information we require directly, reducing the time we spend browsing through different websites.


“I need wood panelling with a specific thickness, weight, colour, and the following built-in functionalities…”

Portals that sell products and services online will adapt and start generating on-demand products that people will order using artificial intelligence.  Industry 4.0 will do the rest.


Do you like documentaries about  architecture and history from a very specific time period but struggle to find them?

Entertainment websites will create customized movies or series based on guidelines provided by their customers.


What if the house from that dystopian movie I just saw existed in real life?

AI will be transmedia, so if it generates a futuristic movie with a building concept that interests you, you’ll be able to translate that into a real-life architectural project.


Forget Excel, apps, and other cumbersome tools.

With just a few simple requests made by professionals in the right field, you’ll be able to process any data you require.



As you continue to navigate a rapidly changing cyberspace, you can count on the Connections by Finsa team to anticipate what’s to come.