Three smart solutions from Simon

Here are three ideas from Simon that help to make spaces healthier and more efficient.


How to make offices more productive

Are you back at the office yet? The change in our work habits has also changed how we think about the workplace: it should be designed for people, and be a smart, connected space, with a strong technology component. An office should be able to adapt to any activity with the help of versatile furniture and the lighting systems.

Simon offers solutions for spaces that improve our wellbeing thanks to automated lighting control.  They allow us to program the lights to turn on and off and control their brightness throughout the day depending on our needs.

There are sensors that detect movement in a very precise way. We can even create our desired ambience in areas such as meeting rooms. With just a tap of a button on your phone you can turn lights on or off and control other devices such as window blinds.

Such automated systems can be found at the DKV headquarters and the Aguirre Newman offices.  At DKV, the corporate offices were designed using sustainable architecture that maximises natural light and uses renewable energy. Each space is welcoming in its own way, which has a positive impact on wellbeing, productivity, and performance.


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The Aguirre Newman office is a multi-purpose space that includes both manual and programmed controls, taking advantage of the available natural light. The open areas make the most of the space, and they have flexible lighting that can be adjusted depending on how many people are using the area at any one time.


Sensation(al) hotels

Hotels, restaurants, and cafés can also be smart spaces and provide a unique experience. Connectivity makes it easy to design custom-made solutions that adapt to different zones and uses.

 Shanghai Edition Hotel is an oasis of entertainment and comfort. Connected multimedia devices, such as lighting, room temperature, and blinds, provides a flexibility that takes the natural light and elegant interior design into account.

At the Hotel Robinson Jandia Playa, the Simon Scena system makes it possible to activate and reprogram the lighting using a console that also reports any incidents, making them much easier to fix.

You can also create different ambiences and save them for reuse later. There are also lighting calendars for different settings, depending on the time of day, which improves the building’s energy efficiency.


A smart home, at your service

What do you want from a smart home?  This type of home includes more than just functional automation and must be capable of adapting to the people who live in it. A duplex located in Pontevedra that was designed by Peza Estudio uses the Simon iO system to connect the different spaces and smart devices in the home, creating a whole world of experiences that can adapt to any lifestyle.

This system allows you to control all the blinds with just one click, use voice-activated assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, adjust the heating, and improve home security using a presence simulator that can be activated manually or automatically.

You can also choose different settings, including the welcome setting, which allows you to activate all pre-selected devices with just the touch of a button every time you arrive home.

From retail to art galleries to pop-up spaces.  Smart culture is making its way into every type of space and making them healthier, more efficient, and more comfortable. It’s a great example of tech and design working together to create a variety of different experiences.