Thirteen sneak peeks at the homes of 2030

Futuristic rooms, furniture, and lighting based on proven needs and requirements are what’s on offer at Escenarios de un futuro cercano (Scenes from a near future), an exhibition that features thirteen predictions about the home of the future through installations and never-before-seen pieces.  Don’t worry if you can’t get to Valencia to see it, because we’re going to tell you all about it below.


Rethinking the bedroom, kitchen, and workspace

Topografía de la Vivienda (Topography of the Home) is the work of architectural firm Arqueha.  It’s where the bedroom becomes a dynamic landscape in which many different activities can be undertaken thanks to a structure that allows for different formats and heights.

Big Bang Kitchen by Cierto Estudio is a kitchen model that works for those who love to cook and takeaway lovers alike.  A modular system means the kitchen is separate from the walls so it can be configured in the best possible way depending on the activity, be it a gathering, work, or something else.

Work from anywhere hub provides a solution to the current demands of working from home thanks to flexible and multi-purpose microarchitecture that allows for hybrid functions during work and play.


Furniture in the house of the future

The sofa seems like the most inflexible piece of furniture in the home, but Link & Inflate link has come up with a piece that adds an element of fun and is very ornamental thanks to its sculpture-like appearance.  It´s also easy to move around because it´s inflatable.

Tape System is furniture that has been designed with hybridisation, multifunctionality, and the ability to reconfigure in mind, bringing together tables, bookshelves, and even coat racks.

Ola Plus makes it easy to create private spaces or divisions wherever they are needed thanks to folding screens that act as movable walls.

Two modules and a system with infinite possibilities to design rooms within rooms is the concept behind Babel, an idea that takes modularity to the next level.

8´33” is a movable furniture system with many different uses.  Because it’s flatpacked, it takes no time at all to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for a nomadic lifestyle.

Pey Superligera is also perfect for nomadism thanks to a table that can be taken apart and is easy to move around.

Another revolutionary concept for a table can be found in Dania, a piece of furniture that can be adapted to two uses we were forced to combine during the pandemic: eating and working.

The last of the furniture we want to highlight is a redesign of the original flexible piece of furniture: the sofabed505 has the same structure with two frames, one on top of the other, that slide out, but has been given an update that make it completely functional as both a sofa and a bed.


How we will light our homes in ten years’ time

Cabana tosses ideas of traditional lighting out the window by incorporating a 3D component.  The way in which it is manufactured allows a digital file to be converted into a finished piece of fabric that’s both 3D and seamless.

Mood allows us to direct light to wherever we want it thanks to a versatile system that can connect to different types of mounts and be angled in different ways.


What’s your favourite design?  Let us know on social media using #ConnectionsByFinsa.  You can visit Escenarios de un futuro cercano until March 19, 2023.