Things that are now being made from timber

You’ve probably never even thought about versions of the below items that differ from their original forms, but they do exist.  While we’re all familiar with the objects themselves, they are now also being made out of wood – and they still work.  The examples might surprise you:

1. The first wooden satellite

Not only are we trying to take increasingly better care of the environment, but we are also worried about the entire universe. The amount of space waste is increasing exponentially, which is why Finnish space companies Arctic Astronautics and Huld have collaborated with logging company and paper, timber, and cellulose manufacturer UPM Plywood to create the first wooden satellite AKA Wisa Woodsatt.  Its mission is to gather data about the durability and behaviour of plywood in extreme space conditions.


2. Vespa

Portuguese carpenter and big Vespa fan Carlos Alberto wanted to replace the scooters’ traditional pressed steel curves with laminated wood.  The result was a unique design of steam-bent veneer and laminate featuring beautifully carved bodywork.  It’s the most artisanal scooter we have ever seen.

A very artisanal scooter. Source:

3. Wintergatan Marble Machine

A wooden machine that makes music using marbles might seem a bit whacky, but it does exist, and it’s been a huge success for its creator, Swedish musician Martin Molin of the electrofolk group Wintergatan. He spent one year designing and building this contraption.  It’s a programmable instrument that can produce several different sounds, including those of the bass drum, the bass, and the vibraphone, thanks to more than 2,000 marbles that bounce around in tubes and funnels.  Make sure you have a listen – it’s an unforgettable experience.