The best of Connections by Finsa in 2018

A lot has happened in 2018: we celebrated our first birthday and debuted our new web page, as well has having launched the French and English versions of the page.  Since 2018 is coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at our most-read articles and what you told us via questionnaire about Connections.

If you are one of those people that looks over the shoulder of the person next to you to find out what they are reading, today you’re in luck because you can take a look at what the visitors to Connections by Finsa are reading.  If you have missed one of these, take a moment to read it now.

The most read posts at Connections by Finsa

  • From Smart City to Smart Factory: we told you what was involved in industry 4.0 and how the application of digital developments is transforming industrial processes from the root. The start-up boom, big data, the decentralisation of networks at work in a hyperconnected world…these are some of the key points.
  • CONNECTION WITH…Olga Gago: The opening of the Pórtico de la Gloria to the public was one of the biggest artistic events of the past summer. Restorer Olga Gago told us some of the secrets of the process and about the evolution of the use of colour over the course of art history.
  • Casa Decor 2018: the main showcase for interior design in Spain attracts looks from everywhere, and also those of our readers also. At Connections, we chose our ‘musts’ from the last edition from the 67 spaces by a hundred interior designers like Erico Navazo, Asun Antó, Estudio Alegría, and Izaskun Chinchilla.
  • Hospital architecture: the architecture of a hospital can improve quality of life for its patients. Yes, you read that right.  Design decisions related to the distribution of space or the use of colour or light influence mood and we showed you five examples of this, such the famous Karolinska in Stockholm, where the patient comes first.
  • CONNECTION WITH…Moneo and Brock: Daughter of the only Spanish winner until last year of the Pritzker Prize, Belén Moneo was destined for architecture. Together with Jeff Brock, she is part of one of the most important Spanish architectural studios.  This creative duo shared woth us their thoughts on architecture, which are closely related to the search for, and application of, sustainable solutions.
  • Milan Design Week: The Salone del Mobile is much more than a trade fair, it is the main international showcase for decoration and design trends. Missing it is out of the question, but you would need a lifetime to see it in its entirety.  To make it easier for you, we gave you our recommendations from all of the exhibitions, showrooms, and events of every kind that were spread out all over the city in 2018.
  • Millennial pink: It brought with it a reformulation of pink as a colour associated with the feminine, triumphing in every sector, such as with the iPhone 6 in metallic millennial pink. An example of how chromatic perception and its implied meanings evolve and revolutionise the trend landscape.

We asked you what you thought of Connections by Finsa…and this is how you responded

As we always say, Connections by Finsa is a living project and we don’t want to become stagnant.  That’s why last month we launched a challenge – for you to tell us your opinion about this blogzine, and today we are sharing the results.

The frequency of visits and satisfaction

For example, if you visit us weekly, you are part of the majority, although we must confess that we would like to see you around here more.  The visit seems to be enjoyable, judging by the rating that you gave the content of our blogzine – almost an average of 8.  We love that you love our posts, and we will keep working so that that distinction becomes a high distinction.

The content and sections that you like the most

We like to enlighten you with our detailed Friday articles, which are our favourites, but we also like the freshness and energy of our audio-visual pieces on Mondays.  Materials is the most-visited section, followed closely by Trends.  And many of you have told us that you would to see more reports about how to apply trends to decoration and interior design, but also about innovation in materials and their real-life applications.  Now is the time for us to face up to the challenge of adapting to your suggestions.

Would you like to tell us your opinion? You can still leave your comments in the questionnaire that you will find here.