Three takeaways from Rebuild 2021

Rebuild 2021 was a warmup for next year’s event, which will take place at IFEMA from September 20th to September 22nd, 2022.  There are still so many ideas left to explore at one of the most important events for advanced architecture and construction 4.0.  Read on to learn about the three main takeaways from this year’s edition and how they will affect your projects.

  1. The entire construction industry must be closely connected. Manufacturers, draughtsmen, architects – we all have a common goal: in order to reduce the carbon emissions of existing structures and ensure sustainable construction, we need to know where everything that we use comes from and design them in collaboration with one another.
  2. Using industrialised components instead of raw materials. A shortage of raw materials has highlighted the importance of using these finite resources in a responsible way. Prefabricated components are a more sustainable option because they make sure that circularity of the products is maintained and generate less waste by avoiding the demolition of buildings.  Rather, industrialised elements can be given a second life by being put together and taken apart.
  3. Construction 4.0: automated building. If we can change the way we approach construction by automating processes and using industrialised components, we will achieve our ultimate goal of reducing the carbon footprint, using less water than in traditional construction and making homes more affordable.

Do you agree that these were the three most important ideas to come out of Rebuild 2021? Are there any others that you would add?  Let us know what you think on social media using #ConnectionsByFinsa.