The Process Cycle: The concept of pre-existence

The Tectónica blog is organising a second round of conversations with architects in the technical wood innovation space Finsa21.  These conversations, called Procesos, will focus on materials.

Lycée Français, BarcelonaFermín Vázquez, an architect from estudio b720, spoke about pre-existence and how this concept has endured in four of their projects. Below, we’re highlighting some of the quotes from this professional who has spent 20 years reflecting on architecture:

The hard part isn’t having ideas, but rather having them withstand the harsh test of reality”” username

Architecture can also be understood as the way in which a mountain of papers allows a carpenter to interpret his work”

As professionals, our mission consists of protecting the architectural objectives of a project”

Which project do I appreciate the most? I always say the last, as it’s the one that needs the most love”

We have to ask ourselves what the main feature of the project is and make it co-exist with the city or environment it finds itself in”

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