Listening to what design has to say: 8 podcasts about architecture and design

Audiobooks, voice searches, voice-activated assistants, and even a voice-based social network (ClubHouse). Companies in every sector from entertainment to technology are using the voice to stand out from the crowd, opening up a world of possibilities for us: we can learn new information, ask for directions, order products, or give instructions to devices in our automated homes.  On top of all that, there is the podcast phenomenon.

During 2020’s lockdowns, there was a 38% increase in the number of podcast listeners. We had time to listen to them and then, as we came out of lockdown, we were able to follow our favourite programs while we cooked, exercised, or did housework.

There really is something for everyone: informative podcasts, narrative podcasts, professional podcasts. But have you heard about the best architecture and interior design podcasts?  The Connections by Finsa team has chosen the following eight to help keep you in the know:


How will the world change over the next 20 years?

Design company Bolia sponsors this podcast, which features half-hour lectures from design professionals.  These are real little nuggets of inspiration.


How to build a house from scratch

In this episode, Chilean interior design studio El blog del decorador talks to architect Roberto Chauriye about what you should consider when you’re building a house.


La ContraHistoria (the counterhistory) of architecture

We highly recommend this hour of fascinating facts about Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known by his nickname – Le Corbusier.


Design:ED Podcast: the on-air leaders

Imagine being able to get the opinions of innovative professionals during chat shows that last less than an hour.  Stop dreaming and start listening to Design:ED’s fortnightly podcast.


Decor8 podcast

Holly Becker’s Decor8 blog is one of our go-tos, so we know that her podcast is sure to give you lots of ideas and discuss the latest trends in decorating and interior design.


Minimalist interior design from Esencia Minimalista

Professional organiser Lucía Terol’s podcast is called Esencia Minimalista (Minimalist Essence).  In this episode, she talks about how our surroundings (decorating and interiors) can affect us.


How to stand out in interior design

Listen to this 15-minute podcast episode to find out how to make a name for yourself on Spain’s interior design scene.


An inspiring videopodcast about architecture

Los domingos libro (‘I don’t work on Sundays’) is the side project of Carmelo Rodríguez, architect from ENORME Studio.  It’s kind of like a videopodcast where he talks about forgotten architecture books (libros) and magazines.


Had you already heard of these architecture, design, and interior design podcasts?  Tell us all about it on social media using #ConnectionsByFInsa.