How schools are preparing for coronavirus

What will going back to school be like this year? The school year has already begun in some countries and schools are protecting themselves to try to keep coronavirus out of their classrooms.  How are they doing this?  Well, by using everything from screens between desks to outdoor marquees.  We are going to show you a few examples of the measures that schools all around the world have taken so far.

Design is the solution

The design of the school is of paramount importance when it comes to making it easy to adopt measures for a safer school year. There are many examples of this from Tezuka Architects in Japan.

has been chosen as the best preschool in the world. Inspired by the Montessori Method, its circular, open design, which is in permanent contact with nature, makes social distancing easier and makes it possible for students and teachers to be outside.


Muku Nursery is another idea from the same studio.  It’s a different concept but it’s just as effective: a set of circular wooden structures that make it easier to protect the children and allow for flexible use of spaces.



At Woodland Primary School in the US, HMF Architects have incorporated “hyperclassrooms”- large, open, and flexible spaces that can be reconfigured as needed.  New technology also takes centre stage in these classrooms.


Furniture that helps with social distancing

Furniture is another secret weapon against the virus. A primary school in London has opted for movable screens to divide spaces as necessary.  The wooden panels maintain social distancing and provide a certain warmth thanks to their bright colours that capture the interest of children.  They are also low enough that students can see over them.


Outdoor marquees and prefabricated classrooms

If there isn’t enough space, why not create it?  Manorfield Primary School in London has done just that using a marquee designed by Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture.  It’s a temporary structure inspired by the Danish approach to outdoor education.  It has improved the social distancing capacity of the school by 25%.


From marquees in the UK to prefabricated classrooms in SpainThe latter solution is one that can be found in many of the country’s autonomous communities in preparation for the new school year, in addition to reinforcement of hygiene measures and creating safe itineraries.

Desks in a bubble

The school year has already begun in Thailand, where they are opting to physically shield each individual student.  One example is in the province of Pathum Thani, where each student is protected by a screen.  From the classroom in a bubble to desks in a bubble.