The genius of the Salone del Mobile 2019

With the arrival of spring, colours and shapes are back.  From April 9 to April 14, the 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan will be celebrated, and in this post we highlight three big developments from the internationally-renowned design and interior design event.

We can’t skip our customary annual analysis of the Salone del Mobile, the compass that reveals many of the trends that will take hold this year in the world of design and interior design.  And you might ask yourself: how is what’s happening inside and outside the Salone this year relevant? Won’t it just be more of the same?  Well, the Salone always surprises us…

  1. It’s the year of the biennales: that of Euroluce, where the spotlight is on lighting companies (by the way have you read our article about lighting in interior design?), and that of Workplace 3.0, where designs for work and our personal life will come together more than ever before, making our offices more habitable and human places.
  2. Project is born: a new parallel exhibition program for decorative and technical solutions that gives a 360º view of interior architecture. Alongside this, S. Project intends to set itself up as a platform for connecting with professionals and businesses.
  3. Second Manifesto in honour of the ingenious Leonardo Da Vinci: the Salone is getting ahead of all the commemorative homages on the500th anniversary of the death of the great creative through the release of their second Manifesto and the exhibition Leonardo’s Vision. During the last edition, they launched the first volume of the manifesto which discusses the principles and values of design).

Over the next two weeks we’ll be tell you about the most important content from the Salone.  Don’t miss our post on the most mentioned features from the Salone in specialised media which will be on Connections by Finsa this Friday.

Leave us your comments about your thoughts on this event, your suggestions, doubts…We really do read them!