Five luxury projects by Jaime Beriestain

Jaime Beriestain confesses to being “fascinated by spaces and details,” as he tells us in an exclusive interview for Connections by Finsa. This fascination, awakened by the descriptive literature of the 19th century, led him to showcase this selection of five residential and hospitality spaces, specialties of the studio:



This is an ongoing project for a luxurious and luminous villa in the Bahamas.


Villa Doha

Another villa that the studio is designing in Doha, Qatar, stands out for its elegant use of noble, warm, and timeless materials.


Pearson Gardens

Exclusivity in Barcelona. A home under the five-star concept. Intimacy and privacy blend in open areas that also leave space for socializing and sharing.


El Fuerte Marbella

A vibrant and seductive accommodation where chromatic ranges set the unique tempo: deep red, jade green, and beige tones decorate geometric shapes and patterns that add dynamism to this renovation. A place to “find the happiness of beauty,” in the words of Beriestain.


Barber Shop en hotel W

ELIJAH is a Barber shop located within the W Hotel in Barcelona. It represents the perfect blend of modernity, serenity, and grandeur. A design proposal that enhances the exclusivity of the hotel chain.


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