Connections by Finsa: One year connecting you and your inspirations

We’re celebrating our first birthday with a new website design, new content, and English and French versions of our site.

Here we are, after seeing each other every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a year, through this window that connects you and your inspirations.   Through evocative content, bite-sized updates, and in-depth reports, we have let you know about news in materials, technology, interior design and homes, trends, and events.

We prefer not to be complacent – to always question ourselves and remember that development is constant, to accept the existence of trends but investigate further to see what will remain.  That’s why, at the end of our first year we are giving you something new.  This is what you will find at Connections by Finsa in its second year of making connections…

A new, more visual and intuitive webpage design

We live and breathe design.  In line with the latest usability parameters and after letting ourselves be guided by the user’s experience, we’ve redesigned our image using a minimalist look. This provides a clean navigation experience, allowing you to connect with different topics and content, whether you’re at the metro stop or enjoying your coffee.

On the homepage, you will have a selection of highlighted content.  From there, a side menu will give you access to our most-viewed content, other new sections (e.g. the interviews series CONNECTION WITH and our guest contributors), and labels so that you can easily connect with what interests you most.  In the main body of the page, you will be able to read our five latest articles, and below that, see our latest audiovisual content.

The appearance of our articles has also changed, as we have prioritised the elegant layout of images, as well as given higher priority to highlighted content, and provided a selection of related articles to pique your curiosity.

Nowadays, being in a hurry, multiscreening, etc. – all of this doesn’t help us when it comes to looking for that necessary serendipity.  That’s why we’ve revised our Monday content, making it audiovisual, where the sensory and evocative are paramount, so that you can start your week with the creative energy you need.

We are also opening up our space for guest contributors, starting with the trend-setter Gudy Herder, who is opening our minds and our eyes to connect us with the unexpected.  Speaking of connections, we have also unveiled CONNECTION WITH, a section for interviews with professionals in various fields, in which we are looking to connect with their personal essence in order to balance that of their careers.

Connections by Finsa in English and French

We aren’t just connecting with different topics, we are also connecting at a global level.  That’s why we are now publishing our content in English and French, so that you can read and comment from different corners of the globe.  Several articles from our first year are now available in these languages, and in 2018, all articles will have their corresponding multilingual version.

Most-read on Connections by Finsa

To celebrate our first birthday, we’ve gathered the top five most-read articles from the first year of Connections by Finsa

  1. Theory of colour in architecture
  2. Artisans 3.0
  3. The importance of interior design in a restaurant
  4. Interview with Enrique Dans, technology guru
  5. Going Beyond Marie Kondo: Spanish organisers

This first year hasn’t been too shabby, right?  Connections by Finsa is a living project – one that is evolving,  that will be sure not to remain stagnant.  Let’s see where our connections lead us in another year’s time.

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