Casa Decor 2020: our five must-sees

It’s one of the most anticipated events in the design and interior design worlds, and after the standstill that resulted from the recent healthcare crisis, Casa Decor 2020 has returned.  The Velazquez 21 building reopened its doors on June 8, and they will remain open until July 5.  At Connections by Finsa, we don’t want to miss the 55th edition of this event because we want to show you the must-sees from this year.

Casa Decor 2020: 5 must-sees

Looking to the future from the past

AD magazine chose this particular must-see and we couldn’t agree with them more.  Ana Milena and Christophe Penasse, the designers behind Masquespacio, gave free rein to their creativity when paying homage to ceramics in the Roca space.  It’s a nod to Greco-Roman architecture with touches of surrealism, with the idea of using ceramics for things that are different to what they are normally used for.


Exclusivity, nature, and innovation

From an homage to ceramics to the uniqueness of natural stone in all its different varieties.  At this new edition of Casa Decor, Cupa Stone presents kitchens that invite you in and make you want to stay.  Five spaces that are full of life have been fitted out using exclusive materials such as Onyx Jacaranda, classics including limestone, and innovative options like the Sapienstone and Lapitec porcelains.


A lighting experience at Awomawo

It might look like a film set, but what we find at Awomawo is a complete lighting experience designed by the studio Elii, along with set designer María Jerez, for the Simón space.  It’s an inspiring idea in which two microcosms invite us to reconsider human’s place on this planet.


Sustainable solutions for controlling the sun

Take advantage of natural light to improve design.  Venetian blinds made from timber harvested from eco-friendly forests; curtains with luxurious decorative borders; eco-friendly fabrics; curtains with huge folds of fabric.  Which one would you choose?  Bandalux are presenting their new ideas across four different spaces.


A virtual tour

Why not take a look at these ideas from the comfort of your living room?  Casa Décor 2020 has jumped on the bandwagon of virtual tours, something we’ve already talked about here at Connections by Finsa.  There are five different routes taking you through the 64 spaces of Velázquez 21, so you won’t miss a thing.  Are you in?