The best ASMR playlists

Have you heard of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR)? If you haven’t, you’re out of the loop!  It has legions of fans so, to bring you up to speed, we’re recommending some of the best Spotify and Youtube playlists for ASMR.

Celebrity ASMR videos

Paris Hilton, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gigi Hadid are some of the celebrities that have explored the ASMR phenomenon for W magazine in the most watched playlist on Youtube. Even Rosalía, the biggest thing in music right now, couldn’t resist making a very flamenco ASMR video.

ASMR Sleep Sounds


Crunches, rain, brushes, fingers typing…Spotify has jumped on the ASMR bandwagon with a playlist of sounds to help you get to sleep.


The pleasure of art


This channel where Julian Baumgartner shows the restoration process for works of art has become a source of ASMR without even meaning to.


No talking ASMR

If hearing people whisper irritates you, this is the list for you.  It has more than 60 hours of ASMR videos without any talking.

ASMR songs


If sounds are not you thing, Spotify helps you to find pleasure with ASMR through a list of songs that couldn’t not include Jane Birkin’s whispers in Je t’aime moi non plus.


The sounds of kitchen

This list will help you learn to cook while you’re relaxing.  There are more than 20 cooking videos without any talking, allowing you to enjoy the sounds that we make while we cook.