Five multimedia ideas from videoartist Juanma LoDo

The multifaceted talent of digital creator Juanma LoDo is evident from this selection of his work, created using a variety of techniques and formats.


Live Pixel: a live broadcast of a dialogue between video and sound

Live Pixel is a Live AV project from Juanma LoDo in collaboration with visual artist Marta Verde.  This project combines the experience of both artists and shows off their knowledge of the audio-visual.  “In our performances, we put sound and visuals on the same level, creating a dialogue that materialises [during the performance], a live set where video and sound feed off each other,” explains LoDo.


La vie en rose for Sons da Canteira

LoDo is the creator behind the lighting and video projection for this festival of modern Galician music held in Atios, O Porriño, which also happens to be the multimedia artist’s hometown.  The festival takes place in a very unique location: the huge space left behind by the Vilafría quarry that’s undergoing restoration.  LoDo turned it pink and used the visual technique of video mapping, or projecting images onto real surfaces, with the object itself creating impactful effects, animations, and shapes that play with the light and the shadow.  “It’s just one of those magical places,” the videoartist tells us.


Video mapping: three (artists) in one and the Muxía lighthouse

JuanMa Lodo also used videomapping for a sculpture by Cambados artist Francisco Leiro at an art installation for the work of Antón Reixa, a writer, musician, poet, scriptwriter, producer, and film director.  The installation was exhibited in Santiago, A Coruña, and Madrid.

For the Concertos na Fin do Mundo  (‘Concerts at the End of the Earth’), which was part of the Xacobeo program, LoDo performed one of the most beautiful and impressive spots on the Galician coastline.  He outlined the Muxía lighthouse, creating a completely ‘different’ place.  “When the sun goes down and the projector is in place, I start to see lines, even though the public can’t see them yet.  In that half hour, I have enough time to define the structure, outline the lighthouse, and generate light gradients, which then change shape as the music plays, or to make sweeping motions,” he explains.


The ocean: seen and heard

This project by Juanma LoDo and Acacia Ojea, AKA the Dead Line team, is called Nexø.  It gets its name from the words ‘nøkke’, meaning the spirit of water, and ‘sæ’, meaning ocean, and it’s all about the coming together of two ways of listening to and seeing the world.  The sonic and visual textures of the ocean inspire the exploration and creation of an audio visual piece that’s created live.  It was performed in 2021 thanks to a joint research project at the MARCO Museum in Vigo.


Buttons and keys for understanding electronic music

Another of LoDo’s many facets is the electronic music workshops that he holds all over Galicia.  These practical and immersive sessions are designed to “erase the line that separates the electronic artist and the public”, inviting us to discover the world behind the production of electronic music and to “bring young and old into the world behind the black boxes covered in buttons and keys”.