The top 5 hacks for IKEA furniture to help you organise your home

During lockdown, the DIY community shared different hacks for making our homes more liveable and functional. One of the most popular places created for this purpose is IKEA Hackers, a website dedicated to sharing different structures that can be made using IKEA furniture.  They’ve been publishing posts since 2006 with ideas that anyone can send in using this form.

For this article, we’ve chosen five of the best hacks that have been shared in the last couple of months in lockdown, covering everything from ways to adapt your work-from-home space to rest, home organisation, and entertaining the little ones.


Working from home: backgrounds for videoconferences and desk ideas

The now never-ending videoconferences might mean you have to be in the room of the house that has the best internet connection and best light, but that may not be a place we want others to see.  In order to solve this problem and help you retain some privacy, IKEA Hackers shared a series of backgrounds that you can use on the well-known platform Zoom.

If you’re still figuring out your ideal space and you need some inspiration, the IKEA Hackers community shared this post where you are bound to find the perfect setup for you.


Entertaining the little ones: blanket forts

Is there anyone who didn’t make a fort out of blankets and chairs during their childhood?  You can suggest six different ways the little ones can make a fort out of blankets and furniture, something they can do while you’re working from home, or maybe it can be a creative activity you do together.


A bed for those power naps

If you need a space for a quick nap or to change positions after sitting for a long time, and you don’t want to have to go to your bedroom, follow these steps to make a daybed where you can relax.


A cinema at home

Until movie theatres re-open, we can try to recreate the cinema experience by building a projection set at home using a few basic pieces. This link gives you a detailed explanation of how to do it.


Hacks for the whole home

If you need a change but you’re lacking the inspiration required to get to work, you can take a look at this list of ten simple hacks  that can be done during a lockdown.