Lo retro y lo vintage están de moda, pero… ¿dónde está el límite entre lo que realmente consideramos retro en la tecnología y lo que directamente está anticuado? Te proponemos unas pruebas para conocer tu nivel de viejunismo y de moderneo.

A Casio watch. Vintage, modern or old-fashioned?

Totally modern,, and it’s because we’re talking about the smartwatch incursion from the mythical manufacturer known for having created the very first digital watches in the market.

Un reloj Casio, ¿es retro, moderno o viejuno?

Disquete. Vintage, modern or old-fashioned?

Even though the USA are still using them for security matters, forget about it. You won’t even have where to use it to read the 240 MB they used to have at their máximum capacity. Totally old-fashioned.

Un disquete, ¿es retro, moderno o viejuno?

Movies or tv programes in a phyisical device

Vintage. Keeping films or tv programmes in a physical device will mean the same as keeping vynils as collector’s objects. It’d be a hobby, but not a need. The spreading of the Internet or streaming devices, on cloud or under demand, along with the less room of houses would do the rest. Believe it or not, Netflix, the great example of this way of consumption, began selling home delivery DVDs.

Tener películas en DVD, ¿es retro, moderno o viejuno?


More tan old-fashioned, -which it is, considered the many options of sending content and its cost- it should be thought as a paranoid habit. Specially when -finally- Whatsapp created a secure code and since Telegram is still a stronghold where spying finds less hidden corners. Nevertheless, there’re defenders of high privacity and companies which still use this channel to communicate with their clients and to make specific transactions.

Enviar sms, ¿es retro, moderno o viejuno?

Printing photos

Let’s see, there’s a little difference between printing a photo from your reflex camera in big scale and making a nostalgic composition of your memories from your beginnings with Instagram -when Instagram was only for iOS users-. Let’s put it between modern and vintage. Be careful, because printing and creating a Hoffmann album is old-fashioned, but which is pretty clear is that we’re still not digital natives and we depend on physical objects.

Imprimir fotos, ¿es retro, moderno o viejuno?