Three urban kitchen gardens for your home

It’s possible to grow your own fruit and vegetables in a city, and we’re here to show you how with three ideas for growing produce in virtually any part of your house.  It’s time to join the Grow Your Own Food Movement.


Your own crop of 32 fruits and vegetables

Gardyn allows you to grow your own vegetable patch that takes up less than one square metre.  The platform has 32 types of fruits and vegetables for you to plant and an app that tells you when it’s time to harvest them.


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Where there’s a wall, there’s a minigarden

Is space the problem? Matic Indoor Farm systems are designed by Joana Amaral and provide a fertile base than can be hung from any wall.  These minimalist circular containers allow you to create a modular kitchen garden in even the tiniest corner of your home.


Smart crops

Click & Grow makes growing your own veggies easy with a subscription that gives you access to seeds all year round.  They also have a huge catalogue of smart gardens that automatically self-water and provide adequate light to promote growth.


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Making nature a part of an indoor space has never been so easy thanks to ideas like the ones above.  Will you include one of them in an upcoming project?  Let us know on social media using #ConnectionsByFinsa.