Must-see series and movies for architecture and interior design professionals

We bet that at this time you fancy some series or movie, right? If you are an architecture or interior design professional, you will surely appreciate a personalized recommendation of content in which these disciplines are protagonists or a relevant secondary element.

In Connections by Finsa we are here to connect you with inspiration throughout the year. Get your remote control ready, here is our selection:


Architecture and interior design series

If gastronomy or fashion copied contests on television, interior design was not going to be less. The Great Interior Design Challenge was a program in which amateur decorators competed to impress homeowners with property renovations.

If you are a fan of tiny houses, don’t miss Tiny House Nation, and if you want to see designs that will blow your mind, El interior es lo que cuenta will show you seemingly ordinary houses that hide an original interior design (with a specific purpose for their inhabitants).


Films in which the design of space takes center stage

If you feel like enjoying a good film in which space plays a secondary but still important role in the plot, we recommend three films between classic and modern, which have marked the Connections by Finsa team: Inception, Contempt and Metropolis.


Reviews on interior design in audiovisual content

If you want to delve deeper into the study of interior design elements present in films and series we encourage you to delve into the newsletter and reviews of Film and Furniture, a website curated by Paula Benson, creative director of the London studio Form.

Benson confesses that it all started with the viewing of Kubrick’s The Shining, and that from then on she wondered about the role of furniture, different ornaments or spatial arrangements in everything she consumed as a viewer. A must-see for any interior design or architecture professional.


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