Five metals that aren’t metals

Would you like to have the aesthetic characteristics of a metallic finish along with the qualities of engineered wood? Stop dreaming, at Connections by Finsa we bring you the five metallic finishes in engineered wood that will make your projects a success.


Cold rolled steel sheet

The Duo Range offers us Corona Bronze in Teide finish, a reproduction that features shine play that nuances the irregular effects of the design print.


Metallic design in brown tones

If you’re looking for a finish that fits in different spaces thanks to its brown, copper, and greyish tones, do not hesitate to choose Mars Canyon Balm, a safe bet. Notice its application in this kitchen turned into a meeting point for socializing.


Aluminum with a cava touch

Cava Aluminio lives up to its name by providing a sanded effect design in a warm grey tone. Stick with this elegant setup in kitchen fronts.


Metallic finish for vertical applications

The Ideal range consists of glossy and matte anti-fingerprint surfaces specially designed for vertical use. Bronze Sálvora Ideal Matt provides a matte metal texture with a sanded effect.


Bathrooms and kitchens with sanded metal effect

Here’s another option for kitchens and bathrooms in metallic finishes of engineered wood. The board with decorative surface from the Duo Range Titanium Tambo in Moon finish offers a dark grey, almost black tone, that matches any type of environment.


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